Muscle-building in the officeRead more

Take an exercise book or similar and place it between your knees. Press your knees together, breathing out at the same time. Alternate between placing your toes on the floor and then your entire feet, stretching your ankles while doing so. This is a perfect exercise for strengthening the inner muscles of the legs (adductors), abdomen and pelvic floor.

You want a bigger challenge? Press your knees together, raise one leg, raise your foot and stretch. Repeat with your other leg.

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Beauty gourmet recipe for you and your guests

Beauty gourmet recipe for you and your guestsRead more

Chicken curry with fine vegetables and coconut milk Sauté 1 onion with 150 g chicken breast. Cut half an aubergine and 2 tomatoes into cubes and add them. Mix in 1 teaspoon curry powder or paste. Pour the coconut milk on and leave to simmer for 45 minutes.

The + for your beauty: Curry powder and paste provide antioxidants, and coconut milk omega-3 fatty acids, both of which help to preserve the youthfulness and suppleness of the skin.

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As a starter: wakame seaweed salad

As a starter: wakame seaweed saladRead more

Steep some wakame seaweed in water, allow it to soak up the moisture, then place it on a plate. Prepare a dressing out of grapeseed oil and lemon, and mix it with the seaweed, half an avocado and a handful of shoots. Finally, sprinkle on a few sesame seeds.

The + for your beauty: Seaweed is extremely rich in nutrients, such as calcium and iron. The organism is given new energy and the bones are strengthened.

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Get rid of saddlebagsRead more

An essential exercise for a firm bottom. Kneeling upright, lift up your arms and bend your upper body to the right until your hand is lying on the floor. Keep your pelvis in a straight line to your body. With your right hand on the floor, raise your left leg and move it up towards the ceiling ten times. Then, stretch your leg forward and move your toes in the direction of your body. Move your leg behind your body and stretch your toes back again. Change sides and repeat.

You want a bigger challenge? Turn the knee of your stretched-out leg towards the ceiling and make circular movements with your entire leg.

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Good morning muscles!Read more

This exercise helps with stiff muscles after waking up in the morning. Stand at an open window, stretch your arms to the side and backwards, breathing deeply in and out. Round your back and let your arm drop forward. Relax your head and shoulders, then slowly straighten your back again, vertebra by vertebra. Stretch your body as far as possible upwards. Roll your shoulders, first backwards, then forwards. Turn your head from side to side over your chest in a circular movement, then change a direction.

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Express lunch

Express lunchRead more

2 slices of rye bread, between these half an avocado and mozzarella (either half a ball or a whole one) cut into slices. Sprinkle a few drops of pesto over the mozzarella – and your sandwich is ready!

For dessert, have some soya yoghurt and/or a bowl of red fruits or fruit of the season.

The + for your beauty: Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for a hormonal balance and supply the moisture to the skin. Rye bread has a lower glycaemic index than the white bread or multi-grain one. Soya provides phytoestrogens that enhance the silhouette and the beauty of the skin. Red fruits are high in antioxidants.

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The “beauty platter”

The “beauty platter”Read more

Blanch a leaf of kale or white cabbage, and place it on a plate. Arrange steamed broccoli florets, halved cherry tomatoes, a carrot (cut into sticks), a few green asparagus tips and/or a few fennel leaves on top. Add a few olives if you like them. Dress with olive oil or rapeseed oil, plus balsamic vinegar. Finally, sprinkle on a little parmesan.

The + for your beauty: The skin glows – thanks to lycopene from the tomatoes, carotenoids from the carrot, and kale, cabbage and broccoli which offer a powerful antioxidant with their high concentration of quercetin.

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Colour on

Colour onRead more

While black eyeliner tends to create a more severe look and accentuates shadows around the eyes, coloured eyeliners have an instant optical rejuvenating effect, making you appear fresher and more dynamic.

The + from our expert: Coloured eyeliners go perfectly with both daytime and evening looks.

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Active while cookingRead more

Whenever you’re stirring food on the hob or preparing vegetables, try this: Place your feet in a “V” position, slightly open, with your knees facing outwards. Press your heels together, shift your weight on to your toes, then lower your feet again. Tense your leg muscles and bend your knees slightly several times. Move your leg sideways, then backwards several times. Change sides and repeat.

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No energy lows during the day

No energy lows during the dayRead more

Keep a handful of almonds, three dried apricots or a little coconut at the ready in your office, and drink a glass of mineral water.

The + for your beauty: Mineral water is an ideal calcium provider. 1–1.5 litres help to prevent osteoporosis. Small amounts of dried fruit are filling and provide the body with mineral salts, fibre and trace elements.

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Lentil pasta with vegetables

Lentil pasta with vegetablesRead more

Cook gluten-free pasta, preferably made from lentils, until it is al dente.

Sauté 1 onion with 1 aubergine (cubed) in a frying pan. Towards the end of the cooking time, add 2 fennel stalks and the finely-sliced base of an artichoke. Add 1–2 tablespoons olive oil to the cooked pasta and mix in the vegetables. Finally, sprinkle on a few pine nuts.

The + for your beauty: Gluten-free pasta is particularly easy to digest; if made from lentils, it’s extremely high in vegetable proteins. Fennel has a diuretic effect. Artichokes stimulate the liver functions and so promote a clear complexion. Pine nuts and olive oil provide health-promoting fatty acids.

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Beauty cocktail

Beauty cocktailRead more

A glass of rosé? Instead, go for a fruity-fresh cocktail from your shaker or mixer! Ingredients: Pomegranate or cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, apricot or mango juice, and a generous helping of ice cubes.

The + for your beauty: Antioxidants, numerous vitamins and beta-carotene are excellent allies for a fresh and radiant complexion.

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Lip tips / Restaurant

Lip tips / RestaurantRead more

Lip make-up that’s still perfect after a gourmet menu? Apply lip liner – it prevents lipstick from smudging.

The + from our expert: To make colour last longer, press your made-up lips on a cosmetic tissue and then apply at least one more layer of lipstick.

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Stay fit when you brush your teeth!

Stay fit when you brush your teeth!Read more

If we sit a lot when we’re older, we notice how our abdomen and legs become weaker. While you’re brushing your teeth, lean against the wall and squat down. Press your pelvis and back against the wall and tense your buttocks. Stretch your waist, and spread your toes to keep your balance. Stay in this position for as long as you can.

You want a bigger challenge? Shift your weight on to your toes, then lower your heels to the floor again.

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“Miracle Morning”: the key to more harmony

“Miracle Morning”: the key to more harmonyRead more

According to this method coming from the USA, you should begin the day early and with a 5- to 10-minute meditation that will help you make the very best of your personal and professional skills during the day. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, straighten your back and observe your immediate environment. Concentrate on your body. Your muscles relax, your spine stays straight. Listen to your breath. Think of the day and the tasks that lie ahead positively.

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Reduce your waist lineRead more

The increasing fat around belly and waist? Not for you. Lie down on your back, with your hands folded behind your head, then roll your head and shoulders forward. With your legs bent at the knees, pull them alternately towards your upper body. While you’re doing so, touch your right knee with your left elbow, and your left knee with your right elbow. Keep your pelvis pressed against the floor, and don’t move it – imagine you’re balancing a full glass of water on your stomach.

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Dessert without sugar and gluten

Dessert without sugar and glutenRead more

Chocolate cream with avocado

Puree 2 avocados, then add 2–4 tablespoons cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons agave syrup. Keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours before eating.

The + for your beauty: High-quality antioxidants, polyphenols from the cocoa and omega-3 fatty acids from the avocado to strengthen the skin structures.

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Kapalabhati breathingRead more

With this technique, you cleanse and energise your airways, particularly in the morning. Breathe in at short intervals without exerting yourself. Then breathe out vigorously, as if you want to blow dust through your nose. When you breathe out, pull in your abdominal wall sharply. Repeat ten times, later 30 times, then 50 times, ... Increase the number of times you repeat (not suitable if you have heart problems or epilepsy).

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Strengthen your body in 5 minutesRead more

The all-in-one exercise for abdomen, back, buttocks and pelvic floor. Lie down on your back and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Press your knees together and stretch out one leg. Count to ten. Put your leg down again, breathing out. Stretch out your other leg, while breathing in. Breathe out when putting your leg down again.

You want a bigger challenge? With your leg stretched out, lower your pelvis to 2 cm above the floor, then raise it again. Repeat five times, and change legs without lowering your pelvis while you do so.

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The green movement!

The green movement!Read more

Exercise outdoors in the fresh air ... three of you, four of you, or on your own ... under the open sky, perhaps in a park or public gardens – there’s nothing better for an all-round feeling of vitality. Experience your favourite exercises and new positions from your Pilates or yoga course with your friends.

For extra freshness: Keep 722 ACTIV’AGE SPRAY handy to refresh your skin as often as needed.

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Naturally radiant eyes

Naturally radiant eyesRead more

You’re not in the mood for make-up today, but still want your eyes to look radiant? Apply 526 EYESHADOW PRIMER on its own – the silky-soft texture cares for and smooths the sensitive skin of the eyes and has a light shimmering effect. Your eyes are given a natural radiance, even without make-up.

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Any temptation of nibbles

Any temptation of nibblesRead more

If you’re feeling a little hungry ... you’ve got some delicious options:

10 almonds + 2 pieces of dark chocolate

10 almonds + 10 olives

A mix of goji berries, cranberries and sunflower seeds

The + for your beauty: Almonds are an extraordinary energy provider (without many calories) and are extremely high in vitamin E, which promotes healthy skin. Cranberries are the fruit with the highest antioxidant content. Goji berries regulate the blood sugar level and help to curb cravings. Chocolate is rich in cocoa and magnesium, and stimulates the “feel-good” hormone serotonin. Olives provide beta-carotene (provitamin A), vitamin E, and antioxidants which guard against cell ageing.

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Soya – woman’s best friend

Soya – woman’s best friendRead more

Soya beans are proven to have hormone-like properties and act similarly to oestrogen in a natural way. In addition to their nutritional value, they have a particularly positive influence on the shape of the silhouette and elasticity of the skin.

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Strong arms in the bathroomRead more

While 721 ACTIV’AGE FRESHNESS & COMFORT MASK is taking effect, place the flats of your hands against the wall, at the level of your shoulders. Stand with your legs parallel and slightly further back. Tighten your abdominal muscles to keep your back straight. Place your feet flat on the floor and press your heels into the floor. Do 15 press-ups.

You want a bigger challenge? Turn your body sideways and repeat the exercise with one arm leaning against the wall. Change sides.

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Adopt a straight posture

Adopt a straight postureRead more

Get into the habit to straightening your posture regularly: Every time you drink from a glass, your phone rings, you take a subway, you get out of your car or you look at your watch ... until it becomes a natural reflex.

You want a bigger challenge? Sit up straight, place a book on your head and move your head slowly to both sides. Stand up, walk and breathe, puffing out your chest. This stretches your back and relaxes your neck.

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Anti-wrinkle smoothie

Anti-wrinkle smoothieRead more

It’s preferable to use red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and to add fruits and vegetables of the season. If you buy convenience products, make sure that they’re organic and cold-pressed as these have more nutritive value. The tastiest combinations for your home blender: apples and spinach in winter, strawberries and tomatoes in summer.

The + for your beauty: Highly concentrated antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements for healthy and perfectly moisturised skin.

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Lipstick makes the look

Lipstick makes the lookRead more

You have very little time, are in a rush to get to your next appointment, but want to appear with a perfect, well-groomed look? For quick, uncomplicated make-up, apply colour to your lips. A lipstick in a fresh shade brings a glow to your face and makes you appear well groomed in an instant.

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Lunch-box “beauty”

Lunch-box “beauty”Read more

Lentil salad with chicken and cherry tomatoes

Cook 100–200 g (green) lentils thoroughly, then leave to cool.

Add 100 g cubed chicken breast and 5–10 cherry tomatoes (cut in half).

Make a dressing out of olive oil, vinegar and parsley.

The + for your beauty: Lentils are rich in vegetable proteins and phytoestrogens, which have a positive influence on hormonal balance and the skin. They make an important nutritional contribution to the body’s vitality.

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“The one hundred”: 100 % revitalisationRead more

Lying on your back, raise both knees to a 90-degree angle. Raise your head and shoulder blades, and stretch your arms out parallel to your body. Carry out small, rapid movements, breathing in and out five times. Repeat ten times. This small warm-up exercise strengthens the muscles, lungs and abdomen.

Intensify the exercise: Stretch out your legs and raise them a few centimetres above the floor.

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Silky-soft hands

Silky-soft handsRead more

Our hands reflect our age. They’re very much exposed to external influences and so need intensive care. Over the course of the years, dark patches and fine lines develop that make our hands look older. Keep 1024 VELVET HAND CREAM, containing exquisite anti-ageing ingredients, with you at all times to regularly care for your hands.

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Relaxation after an active day

Relaxation after an active dayRead more

To shake off stress and tension before going to sleep, practice some abdominal breathing for a few minutes (stretched out in bed or sitting upright in an armchair). Place your hands over your navel and breathe into them softly. Concentrate on your breath and how your body feels. All your muscles relax, and your breath becomes slower and steadier. Listen to your breath without influencing it.

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Train your abdominal muscles secretlyRead more

Place two chairs back to back. Leave a narrow gap between the chairbacks, just wide enough that you seem not to fit through it. Go through it sideways on your tiptoes, without touching the chairbacks. Concentrate on your posture, stretch your spine and tense your abdominal muscles.

P.S.: Nobody will notice if you try out this strengthening exercise in a restaurant either.

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Every businesswoman’s secret

Every businesswoman’s secretRead more

Studies show that an even and cared complexion gives the impression of competence and reliability. So, if you have very little time to put on make-up, you should still at least apply a foundation.

The + from our expert: Use a creamy foundation with a low powder content – it won’t settle in any lines.

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Keep stress out!

Keep stress out!Read more

Stress ages the skin. It triggers oxidation processes that impair cell renewal and accelerate ageing. To compensate for stress, eat foods with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. For example in the form of a small starter: two sardines (plain), or 2 slices of smoked salmon dressed with a few drops of olive oil, red pepper and a little dill. When stress levels increase, treat yourself to two small pieces of dark chocolate. High in cocoa and magnesium, it stimulates production of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin!

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Stretching for pelvis and legsRead more

This single straight-leg stretch strengthens the abdominal muscles, as well as the entire posture. Lay on your back and raise your head and shoulder blades. Breathe in twice rapidly, then bend your leg while moving it towards your chest. Grasp your calf or foot, and breathe out while lowering the other stretched leg. Change sides and repeat.

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Seductive lips

Seductive lipsRead more

Apply 528 VOLUME LIP CARE to your lips, and massage it in for a few minutes with a cotton bud. This acts like a microexfoliator: Dead skin cells are removed, and the lips are smoothed and feel velvety-soft in an instant.

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Beauty secrets from Asia

Beauty secrets from AsiaRead more

Wakame, spirulina, chlorella ... put algae on your shopping list. They contain trace elements and a wide spectrum of vitamins, as well as essential nutrients with an anti-ageing effect. They provide the skin with an optimum supply of moisture and counteract free radicals that accelerate skin ageing. As algae are rich in chlorophyll, the skin is given a better supply of oxygen. So now we know why Asian women often look younger than they really are!

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Firm your body and décolletéRead more

Position yourself on all fours, your hands in a straight line on a level with your shoulders. Your body forms a straight line. Keeping your back straight, stretch one leg backwards and place your toes firmly on the floor. Shift your weight forwards and backwards, rolling on your toes. Change legs and repeat.

You want a bigger challenge? Change the position round. Place your hands on the floor on a level with your shoulders and raise your pelvis as high as possible. Raise your legs alternately.

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Playful relaxation

Playful relaxationRead more

The feet have many nerve endings, and only a few small movements during the day or before going to bed are needed to increase your well-being. While you are sitting down – in front of the TV or on the side of the bed – push a tennis ball under the sole of your foot and massage gently by rolling the ball around. Repeat with the other foot.

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Quinoa salad for a flat abdomen

Quinoa salad for a flat abdomenRead more

Cook 50–100 g (red) quinoa thoroughly, then leave to cool. Cut one avocado into cubes, add pitted olives, and sprinkle with sesame and coriander seeds. Finally, dress with olive oil and a little lemon juice.

The + for your beauty: This recipe is extremely tasty and doesn’t bloat your stomach.

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Energy-boost breakfast

Energy-boost breakfastRead more

Replace orange juice in the morning with goji or cranberry juice, they have both a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants.

If you have enough time, you can also prepare an energising smoothie: Mix half a banana, a little lemon juice, a small bowl of strawberries and a tub of soya yoghurt in a blender.

The + for your beauty: Soya contains phytoestrogens that promote hormonal balance and healthy skin.

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Sport and beauty

Smile wrinkles away!Read more

In difficult moments, relax your face and neck… and smile! When your face is tense, wrinkles form more rapidly.

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Health-conscious all day

Health-conscious all dayRead more

Breakfast: A fruit salad with fruit of the season + goji berries or cranberries

Lunch: 1 soya or tofu steak + 1 plate of vegetables of the season (raw or prepared as ratatouille)

Afternoon snack: 1 piece of fruit or 1 smoothie + 1 handful of dried fruit

Evening meal: 1 avocado + 1 plate of rocket/kale/baby spinach leaf

The + for your beauty: Follow this health menu for a week or a few days and enjoy two benefits at once: your body receives more antioxidants and your silhouette becomes more streamlined!

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Seeds of youth

Seeds of youthRead more

Seeds such as sesame seeds, hemp seeds and linseeds contain a wealth of anti-ageing nutrients and antioxidants, and promote skin regeneration. They’re available as sprouts (and, as such, are suitable to be eaten immediately) or as seeds (such as black Spanish radish, fenugreek, alfalfa ...).

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Goodbye swollen legs!

Goodbye swollen legs!Read more

When travelling by train or plane, wear comfortable shoes and remove them while you’re sitting down. Avoid crossing your legs. Move your ankles regularly to stimulate the circulation. If possible and particularly on long journeys, try to walk around a little at regular intervals.
Wear support stockings on long-haul flights.

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Detox water

Detox waterRead more

A one-week detox works wonders for the health of the organism, especially if you’ve indulged in a few tasty excesses beforehand.

Prepare some green tea with a litre of water. Leave to cool, then add lemon juice and a tablespoon of birch sap, which is a very good detoxifier (as alternatives, juniper berries, goji berries or star anise also assist the detox effect). Drink at regular intervals throughout the day.

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“No regrets” aperitif

“No regrets” aperitifRead more

Oily foods don’t necessarily make you gain weight, provided you enjoy them “au naturel”, of course! You don’t have to do without almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, ...

The + for your beauty: These nuts have a positive effect on the cholesterol and sugar metabolism, thus preventing fat deposits from forming.

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Perfection to the tip of your nails

Perfection to the tip of your nailsRead more

Beauty lies in the details: Well-groomed hands contribute to a vibrant appearance. 507 OPTICALLY BRIGHTENING NAIL POLISH protects nails, evens their surface and provides a natural finish.

The + from our expert: It’s best to apply two thin layers of nail polish, leaving the first layer to dry thoroughly before applying the second.

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