The beauty of your skin: a subject for science

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The MARIA GALLAND philosophy

As an expert for professional skin care, MARIA GALLAND stands for a positive philosophy of ageing. For more than 50 years, MARIA GALLAND has been inspiring with a holistic approach to beauty care: innovative products, efficient treatments and bespoke advice.

ACTIV'AGE expert Prof. Dr. Kleine-Gunk

Lifestyle and beauty

“Year after year, it becomes more and more important to supplement effective facial care and treatments with a few daily rituals that contribute to preserving the beauty of the skin.”
Prof. Dr. med. Kleine-Gunk, the anti-ageing expert and President of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Sport and beauty

Sport and beauty

Olivia Florin, Pilates trainer with her own studio in Paris, and a former dancer

Discover exercise tips
Nutrition and beauty

Nutrition and beauty

Valérie Espinasse, Doctor of Pharmacy and nutritionist

Discover nutritional tips
Make-up and beauty

Make-up and beauty

Thorsten Joffroy, make-up artist with many years of professional experience

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A business woman with a suit

The Dynamo

Quick and efficient please!

You spend a lot of time at work, are often out and about, and there’s hardly ever a gap in your private diary. Fitness studio and healthy cooking? No time.
Keeping your weight in spite of stress? Healthy meals that provide energy? Flawless make-up? Unwinding in the evening? Yes, but quickly and efficiently!

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A woman looking at herself in a mirror

The Beauty Addict

You attach great importance to your appearance.

You exercise, watch your weight and your look. Diets and sport? Yes, of course. They’re essential.
Nutrition that promotes a radiant complexion? Exercises that enhance the silhouette? Make-up that makes you look more youthful? Yes, beauty is top priority!

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A woman tasting a glass of red wine

The Hedonist

Uncomplicated and enjoyable for me

You pursue many interests, enjoy the pleasures in life and love good food. Diets and sport? No, not for you.
Exercise should be fun, without being tiresome? Nutritional tips for gourmets? The secret of beauty without too much effort? Yes, but with entertainment.

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Woman practising yoga

The Health Enthusiast

I want to stay healthy and full of vitality!

You attach value to high quality of life and well-being. You’re attentive to the signals of your body. A lifestyle in harmony with your age? Extremely important!
The latest findings of nutritional science? Current fitness trends? Looking naturally beautiful? Yes, vitality is what counts the most.

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